Jennifer Lawson

Broker Associate Jennifer Lawson, Realtor® at RE/MAX® Pines By The Sea in Cambria, CA.

Jennifer Lawson

RE/MAX® Real Estate Agent Jennifer Lawson (Broker Associate) is a well-known community member and has been recognized, both on a personal level as well as in the professional workplace, for her high ethical standards.

A Leading Central Coast Real Estate Agent for Cambria, CA


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Joining the Pines By The Sea, Cambria RE/MAX® team in 2013, Jenn offers a warmhearted, hospitable, no-pressure atmosphere to selling waterfront, oceanfront, and ocean view properties throughout Cambria, Morro Bay and Cayucos. She also provides services for clients looking to buy or sell in the beautiful wine-country locales of Templeton, Harmony, Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.

Jennifer works with the local RE/MAX® team, and Owner and Broker Joe Prian, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the luxury coastal Central Coast real estate market. The Cambria, California RE/MAX® team has a loyal following of clients and a vast network of professional relationships that benefit Jenn’s practice.

Seeking to draw buyers from her extensive circle of Central Coast friends and from her connections with leading real estate professionals, she is willing to not just make a sale, but provide the absolute best possible service for her clients.

Two of the greatest attributes that Jennifer has are her zeal for top-notch business practice standards and her joyful demeanor which is displayed through friendly and attentive client communication and service. Her direct involvement with people at both the personal level as well as in the local workplace has given her a consistent community-wide reputation as a joyful and honest person. Jennifer’s desire is to not only be part of seeing the Cambria RE/MAX® team at the forefront of the local real estate market, but to be a wonderful blessing to everyone she works with.

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Broker Associate, Jennifer Lawson, RE/MAX® Realtor® Awards.
Jennifer Lawson, RE/MAX® Realtor® Awards
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