The Best Beaches in California with Jennifer Lawson


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Morro Bay & Los Osos

Enjoy - Eating, shopping, harbor, golf course, surfing!

Eat - Fish & chips, steak, and much more!

Caution - Strong current in the harbor between tides!

Danger - Fast current at beach by rocks going low tide!


Enjoy - Pier, skate ramp, beach walks, romantic sunsets!

Eat - Lunch at Ruddell's Smokehouse (south of pier) is great!

Cautions - Don't jump off the pier! Lifeguards only!

Dangers - Don't hug the pier pilings, and watch out for drivers on Highway One!


Enjoy - Moonstone Beach trail walk, Fiscalini Ranch walk, the village!

Eat - Madeline's, Indigo Moon, Linn's, Moonstone Beach Bar/Grill, and more!

Cautions - Don't wander in tide-pools when surf is big!

Dangers - NEVER play in ocean at Shamel Park Beach! Extremely strong undertow!

San Simeon

Enjoy - The Cove-Pier, Pico Creek Beach, Heart Castle!

Eat - Romantic picnics are the best!

Cautions - Watch out for elephant seals in the surf!

Dangers - Elephant seals, and crazy drivers on HWY 1.

Piedras Blancas Ligthouse


Enjoy - Lighthouse Tour, and watching huge storm surf!

Eat - Eat lunch first - at Sebastian's - in San Simeon Cove!

Cautions - Elephant seals bite and attack. No petting!

Dangers - Ocean = Great White sharks do eat Elephant Seals - and humans!

Ragged Point / Big Sur

Enjoy - Ragged Point, Plaskett Creek, Sand Dollar Beach!

Eat - At Ragged Point, Gorda or Big Sur! Be prepared - gas/petrol is very expensive.

Cautions - NEVER EVER EVER climb the seaside cliffs! Rock slides/drownings occur.

Dangers - Crumbly cliffs, poison oak, crazy drivers on scenic HWY One, cyclists on road.